Week 5 – Blocks to starting to write

There are three attitudes that a would-be writer needs to dispense with before he or she can settle into the lifestyle of a writer:
• Over humility about age or lack of social standing, experience or education
• Unwillingness to write with as much emotional connection as is needed to make a story come alive
• Refusal to set out unless their effort is guaranteed of success

To become a writer you need to let go of your inferiority complexes, share your feelings with the paper rather than make your story something completely other than your inner world, and say ‘Boo!’ to your fear of what you or others will think if the publishers don’t accept it. Writers have been known to paper their walls with rejection slips before they finally ‘make it’ into print. Perhaps one day you will reach the public with your writing, perhaps not. But if you love writing, get on and write because that is what you need to do; that is what will bring a special type of fulfilment. Original drafts are never perfect anyway; they always need lots of editing, so give up trying to get it right first time around.

Day 1: Thoughtfully examine the bulleted items at the beginning and write down honestly how you relate to them.
Day 2: Almost everyone has at least one significant memory involving their hair. Do a 15- minute timed writing on ‘Hair’ trying to allow yourself to express your emotions with meaningful verbs and accurate nouns.
Day 3: List and describe in some detail 10 things that you personally find ‘beautiful’.
Day 4: Describe and list 10 things, issues or people that are big challenges for you.
Day 5: On a separate piece of paper, write a letter to yourself about how you would like your life to be in ten year’s time. Pop it into an envelope addressed to you and put it away in some safe place to be retrieved in the distant future.
Day 6: Think of five synonyms for ‘thank you’. Write down 10 things from the past two weeks that you are grateful for, and describe your feelings about them.
Day 7: Review your week, its successes and failures and how you feel about life right now.